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Fiberglass Tent Poles Manufacturers


WANTENG has been one of the leading fiberglass tent pole manufacturers in Chinese FRP industry. We are serving our customers with high-class tent poles since 2003.

Our production factories are located in Nanjing and Yizheng. With our in-house production facilities, we have sole control over the production process. Our owned factories allow us to get immense control over quality manufacturing. We kicked off with a few staff members who were passed out from National Fiberglass R & D Institute. Since then, we have developed ourselves into a large scale and diversified organization, we produce composite profiles and fiberglass products.

Fiberglass tent pole works well for supporting a tent. Fiberglass tent poles were presented a few years ago. The tent poles were cheaper but a comfortable alternative for wooden and aluminum tent poles. Our poles have a rapport of consistent performance and result under every seasonal or weather conditions, opposite to aluminum poles. Aluminum-made tent poles are susceptible to performing better freezing winter as compared to peak summer. There are some benefits provided by fiberglass tent pole manufacturers.

Tent poles made up of fiberglass are inexpensive compared to other materials. A tent pole is many a time easier and cheaper in comparison with aluminum poles. A portion of which comes from the fact that fiberglass is a pure industrial compound which is synthesized at low cost compared to aluminum; which is an organic element.

Quality Fiberglass Tent Poles Manufacturers and Supplier

Fiberglass will not abrade. Since it is a complex synthetic compound, fiberglass is cent per cent corrosion and rustproof. If properly handled, fiberglass poles can be used for decades without any delectable degradation. Talking about handling, it is essential for noting that while the poles might be immune towards rust, rough handling either during transportation or usage can take a toll due to unbridled wear and tear.

WANTENG provides high-level tent poles. By default, there are several different lengths which can be further cut-down. The tent poles provide extreme customization and are top of the line when it comes to height. These poles are best that you will ever find.

Our tent poles are beefy. They can be good or bad like a double-edged sword. Good because they have immense strength. Bad in case you are trying to cut to fit in the pack. In case you have broken your fiberglass tent pole, then you will need a set of our new tent pole to get back on track. We offer our tent poles in varying sizes.

Apart from the tent poles, we manufacture composites and high-performance profiles. Most of our products are applied in the fields of plant support, power plant, petrochemical sites, and water/wastewater treatment, etc.

If you are seeking the best fiberglass tent pole manufacturers, stop your research as you have landed on the right page.

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