August 15, 2018
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FRP Pultruded Profiles

Best FRP Pultruded Profiles Manufacturers

WANTENG is considered as a few top-quality FRP pultruded profiles manufacturers in China. We are manufacturing FRP pultruded profiles manufacturers since 2003. From a few workers to over 100 employees, we have grown significantly over the years. We have two production facilities located in Yizheng and Nanjing. The reason for our successful expansion is no compromise on our principles. We have zero-tolerance on professionalism, integrity and innovation. We offer a broad range of pultruded profiles as per the requirements of customers with various glass fiber reinforcements. You will receive FRP pultruded profiles:

With unique shape customized exclusively for the customers’ requirement. You can have a broad range of standard pultruded profiles manufactured by us. During the design and development of your pultruded profile, our experienced and qualified engineers will appropriately advise to you.

The advantages of WANTENG’s FRP profiles are immaculate. Our composite profiles offer various benefits as compared to other stuff. Our profiles provide high strength with excellent thermal and electrical insulation. Our product has reduced weight due to low specific gravity. Also, FRP profiles are resistant to corrosion and chemicals. Our pultruded profiles are self-extinguishing and self-retardant.

FRP Pultruded Profiles Manufacturers in China

We provide an excellent surface for dyes and paint with a significant deal of flexibility for construction. Like a very few other FRP pultruded profiles manufacturers, our standard profiles are tubes, rods, Z-profiles and C-profiles, U-profiles, angle profiles, T and double T-profiles, profiles for roof corners, dog bones and corner profiles. The technology of pultrusion gives us comfort concerning construction flexibility. Your FRP profiles can be produced as per your thinking. The state of resin selection and glass management are critical. We offer various sizes as per the given chart. Customization is purely based on the client’s need. The sizes depicted in the table illustrate the range as of today. However, personalized production is quite possible through agreement. Our dedicated production department offers prerequisite flexibility. We liaise with the customers discussing their requirements regarding their pultruded profiles on site. Quality management and development staff make sure to give a sound professional opinion. Our managers provide the interface from initial discussion to manufacturing and delivery. For services in different extreme conditions, WANTENG provides various options for mats and rovings to meet clients’ demands. Standard colours that we offer are yellow, glary and green. Colors identified by customers are always welcome. Both isophthalic and orthophthalic polyester resin is commonly used. However, resins with vinyl ester are used on customers’ request. Among the few most sought-after composite profiles producers, WANTENG offers alternate choices for numerous mats, veils, as well as other additives for various applications.

Deliverance of utmost quality is our motto. So, if you are shortlisting among the best FRP pultruded profiles manufacturers, WANTENG is surely your cup of tea.

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